Friday, November 17, 2017 


Press release

On November 7th 2017, an agreement was reached between all the members of the estate of the late Franco-American artist ARMAND PIERRE ARMAN known as ARMAN, founder of the New Realism in 1960, one of the major artists of the twentieth century, present in the collections of all the world’s great museums, especially through his "accumulations", "garbage cans", "anger" and "combustions".

This agreement puts an end to more than 12 years of conflicts having weighed on the diffusion and on the value of this artist, true “archaeologist“ of the contemporary society, since his death, on October 22nd 2005 in New York City. The conclusion of this highly complex litigation has mobilized several law firms, American, French and Swiss.

Ms. Corice Arman, her widow, and Mrs. Marion Moreau, her eldest daughter, will be united in a committee charged with authenticating the works of art, with establishing a catalogue raisonné, and with the pursue of the development of a project for a museum.
Arman would have turned 89 years old this November 17th, anniversary of his birth, in 1928 in Nice, France. His work has been the subject of a retrospective at the Centre Pompidou, in Paris, in 2010.

Press contact Mrs Corice ARMAN : Maître Jean-Jacques Neuer, lawyer at the Paris Bar, Solicitor London Solicitor London:
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Press contact Mrs Marion MOREAU: Mr Daniel Vaconsin, lawyer at the Paris Bar:
Tel: + 33 1 45 04 41 20 - Mail: